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  Admissions open till 17th May

  Admissions open till 12th May

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WEEkday batch - 1

Digital Marketing for Beginners

Tailored for students and aspiring entrepreneurs looking to establish a strong foundation in marketing, regardless of prior experience of knowledge regarding marketing.

Course Price: ₹30,000
Introductory price: ₹25,000 + 18%GST

 Admissions open till 17th May

WEEkend batch - 5

Advanced digital marketing

Crafted by iOTA’s Pro Managers, filled with expertise, insights, and hands-on learning to boost your practical skills. Elevate your weekends with a specialized course customised for Entrepreneurs and Working Professionals.

Course Price: ₹32,000
Introductory price: ₹30,000 + 18%GST

  Admissions open till 12th May

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In this module, we will cover the basic terminologies of digital marketing and how to conduct a conducive brand research.


  • Explaining the terminology of Digital Marketing
  • Business Idea Validation
  • Market Research
  • Competitor Research & Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Price Analysis | USP Analysis
  • Foundation Research
  • keywords Research & Strategy
This module will cover the aspects related to the designing and development of an optimal website/ landing page.


  • Introduction to web presence and its importance
  • Website structure – domain, hosting, cpanel
  • Introducing the web designing and importance of UI/UX, the impact of UX on website success
  • Tools that can be used for mockups – photoshop, figma (basic intro)
  • Important design assests for a brand
  • Introduction to CMS – WordPress, Shopify & SEO actions to be performed
  • Basic traits of a conversion-optimized website
  • Concept of landing pages for ads
  • Adding important tracking codes to website
  • Importance of mobile-optimized website
In this module we will be covering the the fundamentals of search engines and website optimization.


  • Fundamentals of Search Engines and SERP Features
  • The Process of Website Crawling and Indexing by Search Engines
  • Understanding SEO and Different Types of SEO
  • On-Page SEO and Technical Aspects of Website, Including Website Audit Techniques
  • Importance of Meta Tags and Guidelines for URL Structuring
  • Concepts of Robots.txt and Sitemap in Website Optimization
  • Speed Optimization Strategies for Both Mobile and Desktop Platforms
  • Overview of HTTP Status Codes: 404, 301, and 302
  • In-Depth Information on Schema Markup and Featured Snippets
  • Building the Foundation for Your Business
  • Creating Business Profiles, Startup Initiatives, Software, and Managing Review Listings
This module will cover subjects related to link building, email marketing, and the implementation of backend tracking.


  • Power Links also known as Editorial Links
  • Author Bios and Pitch Creation
  • Roundup Link and Business Featuring
  • Pillow Links or Tier 2 Links
  • Understanding Web 2.0, Microblogging, Social Bookmarking
  • Introduction to Email Marketing
  • Template Creation, Testing, and Email Optimization
  • Email Marketing Tools
  • Setting Up Google Analytics and Verifying Data
  • Configuring Google Search Console
  • Creating Custom Reports
This module will cover subjects concerning pay-per-click advertising and various types of advertisements.
  • Grasping the fundamentals of Google advertising
  • Varieties of Advertisements
  • Comprehensive guide for creating a Google Ads account
  • Managing billing and budgeting within Google Ads
  • Significance of Keyword Research and associated tools
  • Exploration of Keywords Research, Match Types, and their Significance
  • Understanding Quality Score and its influencing factors
  • Exploring Ad Extensions
  • Insights into Automated Bidding Strategies
  • Initiating the journey into the Google Display Network (GDN)
  • Overview of Targeting Types – Audience, Demographics & Content
  • Crafting Display Ads
  • Navigating Ads Placements
This module will cover more aspects of digital advertising, from app installs to video campaigns, Google Shopping, and remarketing, with a focus on effective targeting and optimization strategies.
  • Understanding the concept and benefits of app install ads
  • Exploring different ad formats available for app install campaigns
  • Targeting Options for App Install Ads
  • Tracking App Installs and Conversions
  • Understanding the importance of storytelling in video ads
  • Setting up targeting options for video campaigns
  • Understanding the YouTube audience and their viewing behaviors
  • Introduction to Google Merchant Centre and its setup
  • Creating a product feed for Google Shopping campaigns
  • Configuring shipping settings for products
  • Creating and managing Shopping campaigns in Google Ads
  • Optimizing product titles, descriptions, and attributes for better visibility
  • Monitoring and improving product feed quality
  • Setting up and tracking key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Understanding the concept and benefits of remarketing
  • Overview to Performance Max Ads and how to setup
This module will revolve around the concept of social media advertisements.
  • Introduction to Facebook and Instagram platforms
  • Connecting Facebook Page and Ad Manager
  • Strategies for Advertising on Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • Live Pixel Setup and Event Configuration
  • Concise Overview of Campaign Objectives
  • Optimization of Campaign Budget and A/B Testing
  • Step-by-step Guide for Interest, Behavior, and Demographics Setup
  • Live Campaign Setup and Audience Targeting
  • Explanation of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) aligned with Campaign Goals and Objectives
This module will cover the Comprehensive Insights of Social Media Marketing: Content Creation, Influencer Basics, and Doubt Resolution.
  • Exploring Organic Social Media Marketing
  • Understanding the principles of Content Creation
  • Strategies for Audience Engagement
  • Selecting the appropriate Social Platform
  • Fundamentals of Influencer Marketing and identification methods
  • Doubt resolution session on Social Media Marketing and Advertising
  • Crosschecking Work Assignments

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Team Lead Web Development & Designing

ritika sinha

team Lead Web Development & UI/UX Strategist

sakshi batta

Team Lead - Organic Growth Marketing

deepak pandir

Team Lead Growth & Search Marketing

Purva Rishi

Community Marketing Manager

karan mankotia

Team Lead Social Media & Facebook Ads

vimlesh nautiyal

Team Lead - Google Ads & Lead Generation

Subham Naithani

Full Stack Marketer

tanuja mahant

Head of Human Resources

Shagun Piplani

Senior Social media marketer


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